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Cover of The Last Counterfeiter by Jason Kersten

The Last Counterfeiter
The Story of Fake Money, Real Art, and Forging the Impossible $100 Bill

Diversion Books

In the late 1990s, a brilliant, heavily disadvantaged kid from Chicago's South Side embarked on a "holy grail" quest to create a perfect replica of the most secure US bill ever made: the 1996 New Note. The all-consuming effort would establish him as one of the greatest counterfeiters of the last 25 years—and propel him into life most of us only dream about. Far more than a story about crime, The Last Counterfeiter is also a compulsively readable exploration of family and redemption.

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Cover of Journal of the Dead by Jason Kersten

Journal of the Dead
A Story of Friendship and Murder in the
New Mexico Desert


A New York Times Notable Book, Journal of the Dead is the story of one of the most morally ambiguous crimes of our time: the 1999 killing of David Coughlin by his best friend, Raffi Kodikian, in a remote New Mexico canyon. Kodikian claimed it was a mercy killing, setting off an unprecedented criminal case that raised profound questions about the facts, morality, and friendship. This riveting work of investigative journalism places readers into the heart of the canyon and the courtroom and allows them to confront their own beliefs.

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Cover of Did I Mention the Free Wine by Jason Kersten

Did I Mention the Free Wine?

Madness, Mayhem & The Muse: On Tour With Felix Dennis

Random House

English media mogul, poet, and iconoclast Felix Dennis hired me to write a first-person account of his six-week poetry tour through the UK and Ireland. One caveat was that I'd be brutally honest; another was that I'd get to use his helicopter to scatter my grandmother's ashes in Edinburgh. A humorous biography-in-motion of a man once imprisoned for "conspiracy to corrupt public morals," this limited edition, fine press book--with illustrations by Paul Cox--is a must for Dennis collectors. 

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