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Getting Back to Art

After too many years, I have a new book coming out. The Last Counterfeiter is the book I wanted to write about master counterfeiter Art Williams 15 years ago but couldn’t, because Art went back to prison.


Art got out of prison in 2013, very much in the same situation he was in when I first wrote about him in Rolling Stone: nervous and broke, with children to support and still possessing the forbidden knowledge of how to print virtually undetectable counterfeit money.


Would Art, who had always possessed remarkable creativity, determination, and street smarts, be able to quit counterfeiting, or would he revert to the intoxicating criminal craft he had learned as a teenager and mastered as an adult?


Anyone interested in one of the wildest true crime stories of our time will like this, and it’s not just about crime. It’s about family, and about Art in both the lower and upper case senses of the word. The Last Counterfeiter is the entire story of his past, and his extraordinary journey after he left prison.


I’ll be posting some backstory here as well, stuff I hope fans will like!

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